Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thats it! Security reasons or not, Im not gonna post E., C. or J. anymore. Their names are Emma, Claire and John. John was Claire's older brother. Emma was Claire's best friend...

My girlfriend, Abbey, isn't taking any of this well. She starts crying and puking if she thinks about the situation for too long. I stayed with her for the rest of the day. My parents don't mind me being bisexual, but Abbey's parents were pissed when they found out she was a lesbian.
I brought her out to the park, and we went on the swings. I was swinging high but Abba (pet name) was swinging only a tiny bit, barely moving.
Okay, this may sound very bitchy and horrible on my behalf, but I'm glad that no sick psycho took my baby away from me, and I'm glad I didn't take her shopping with me! If I did... She wouldn't be here with me. We'll stay strong together.
I miss C. and I don't think I will be able to cope very well any more, but if they took away Abbey, my lifeline, I..... Never mind. Just, if that sick weirdo who killed my friend is reading this.....

Fuck you, bitch.

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