Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thats it! Security reasons or not, Im not gonna post E., C. or J. anymore. Their names are Emma, Claire and John. John was Claire's older brother. Emma was Claire's best friend...

My girlfriend, Abbey, isn't taking any of this well. She starts crying and puking if she thinks about the situation for too long. I stayed with her for the rest of the day. My parents don't mind me being bisexual, but Abbey's parents were pissed when they found out she was a lesbian.
I brought her out to the park, and we went on the swings. I was swinging high but Abba (pet name) was swinging only a tiny bit, barely moving.
Okay, this may sound very bitchy and horrible on my behalf, but I'm glad that no sick psycho took my baby away from me, and I'm glad I didn't take her shopping with me! If I did... She wouldn't be here with me. We'll stay strong together.
I miss C. and I don't think I will be able to cope very well any more, but if they took away Abbey, my lifeline, I..... Never mind. Just, if that sick weirdo who killed my friend is reading this.....

Fuck you, bitch.
E. is missing. The police are trying there best to find her and figure out who murdered C.. But s/he kept no traces at the kidnap and at the shop, s/he only left a symbol carved into the wall...a circle with an x through it... Does anyone else think is similar to my favourite urban legend?
But then again, I am known to be paranoid...
Ok. Fuck logic. Fuck everything you think is right!

E. Was let out of the hospital earlier so my mom and I thought we should take her and her family out to dinner in a nice Italian restaurant down our road.
As I had literally nothing to wear to a fancy restaurant, I went shopping with C., who was dealing with the E. incident pretty badly. She's shaky and acts paranoid, looking over her shouldder every two minutes.
Against the wall of the shop we were going into, was a business man sitting down with his head in his arms. I thought his business maybe had gone bust in this economy. Walking out of the shop was a group of kids running around a tired looking woman who I guess is there mother. I turned around, thinking maybe I should give the sad business man a couple of buck but poof, he disappeared. Ignoring it, we went into the shop.
C. loosened up straight away and was more of her old self. She picked out a cute little blue dress for me and a beautiful pink one for her. We went into the separate stalls and got changed.
Changing was creepy. A giant shadow loomed over me for a bit, but I guessed it was just a Christmas decoration they were moving around. Sure enough, it was gone in a while.
I got dressed in the blue dress and got out of the dressing room, waiting for C.. She took ages until I got annoyed so I pulled back the curtain, not caring if she was butt naked.
No, it was much worse.
C. was in the pink dress, but it had a large rip through the fabric. Her intestines were pulled right out of her and tied around the bar that you put hangers on. The intestines were tied around her neck and she swung there. She had long, large cuts across her arms and legs and her tongue was cut off, eyes gouged out and placed in her mouth. Writing on the wall was 'should've gave him twenty dollars.'
I puked.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I checked in on E. to see if she's okay. She was really pale. I tried to get her to speak, but all she did was look at me with panicked eyes. She scribbled in the air with her finger, signaling that she wanted to write.
It took ages trying to find paper for some reason, and with each minute, E. got more and more panicky. Finally, we found a small bit of blank paper. E. grabbed it and picked up the pen beside her which I swear wasn't there before rummaging around for paper. Whatever.
E. quickly wrote in giant letters across the page, 'I'm sorry.'
This confused and scared me, but I stayed calm. 'About what?'
But she wouldn't answer! After asking her a few times, she lay down in her bed and curled up in a ball, crying.

What the fuck is going on?!

How freaky is this?

Okay. Wow.
So a bunch of my friends and I are watching the Blair Witch Project at around 3am, and C. thought it would be a good idea to tell ghost stories. Fucking ghost stories. I am after 4 days of pure slender man research. I am paranoid.
So we're sitting around J.'s room, scaring each other to death, when I start telling some slender man legends. I'm obsessed.
Half way through my story, the lights go out. Poof. Everyone is screaming, the boys laughing, thinking I am playing a game to mess with their heads. Then, finally, someone finds the lightswitch. At this point, some girls are whimpering with fear. The light goes on, and everyone starts laughing around shakily. Except one of my good friends called E., who is still crying. She is clutching her arm, and her sleeve is filled with red.
C. sees and screams. Everyone panicks but E. is just sitting on the floor, still whimpering. I sit down beside her and put an arm around her. She is shaking terribly and then starts muttering weirdly. I make out one sentence. 'He saw me.' Then she blacked out in my arms.

E.'s currently in hospital. The doctors are keepimg her for a while, but they say she is only injured in the arm. Butshe still isn't talking.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mad tea party

My younger sister, who I am going to call Ann for security reasons, decided 'hey, I'm gonna force my sister to have a tea party with me today.' So she did.
I was kneeling on the floor and my knees were aching.
'Hey Ann,' I said. 'Why dont you get one of your friends to play tea party with you, instead of me ruining your game?'
She shook her head. 'They won't play with me ever since I made friends with him. They think he's a freak.'
I immediately felt sorry for the poor kid. I had bully problems of my own a few years ago. 'Well, don't listen to them. He's not a freak, no one is. What's the poor guys name?'
She shook her head. 'Can't remember' she said and started pouring 'tea' for me, which was really water but if I reminded her, she would give me a kick in the arm. And my sister is an amazing kicker for a six year old.
After one hour of tea parties, my sister decided that just pouring tea was too boring for her so she flipped the table over without warning me. I think she really only did it to see my reaction. Which I think was pretty satisfying for her.
Seriously, Ann is the best sister ever.

Hullo Thar!!!!!

Ohai stranger! My name is, as if you don't know, SploshyFoxxy. Let's get this out there: I am a nerd and proud!!! I play xbox 360, I read, i like science fiction..I tick every nerd box! But then again, i am just stereotyping. Sowwy xoxoxo
A lot of people annoy me, especially trolls, haters, and weirdo boys who try to befriend me on xbox live because they think I'll go out with them. Ewwww!
I like adore urban legends. They are a huge part of my life!! They create fear in my soul, heart and mind and put me on edge...and creep my friends out when I tell them afterwards!!!
My favorite legend is definitely Slender Man. He rocks my world. I love the Marble Hornets videos and the fake blogs, so I decided to dedicate this blog in honor of all the guys and girls out there who made the fake blogs possible. To thee, I say bravo.