Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How freaky is this?

Okay. Wow.
So a bunch of my friends and I are watching the Blair Witch Project at around 3am, and C. thought it would be a good idea to tell ghost stories. Fucking ghost stories. I am after 4 days of pure slender man research. I am paranoid.
So we're sitting around J.'s room, scaring each other to death, when I start telling some slender man legends. I'm obsessed.
Half way through my story, the lights go out. Poof. Everyone is screaming, the boys laughing, thinking I am playing a game to mess with their heads. Then, finally, someone finds the lightswitch. At this point, some girls are whimpering with fear. The light goes on, and everyone starts laughing around shakily. Except one of my good friends called E., who is still crying. She is clutching her arm, and her sleeve is filled with red.
C. sees and screams. Everyone panicks but E. is just sitting on the floor, still whimpering. I sit down beside her and put an arm around her. She is shaking terribly and then starts muttering weirdly. I make out one sentence. 'He saw me.' Then she blacked out in my arms.

E.'s currently in hospital. The doctors are keepimg her for a while, but they say she is only injured in the arm. Butshe still isn't talking.

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