Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hullo Thar!!!!!

Ohai stranger! My name is, as if you don't know, SploshyFoxxy. Let's get this out there: I am a nerd and proud!!! I play xbox 360, I read, i like science fiction..I tick every nerd box! But then again, i am just stereotyping. Sowwy xoxoxo
A lot of people annoy me, especially trolls, haters, and weirdo boys who try to befriend me on xbox live because they think I'll go out with them. Ewwww!
I like adore urban legends. They are a huge part of my life!! They create fear in my soul, heart and mind and put me on edge...and creep my friends out when I tell them afterwards!!!
My favorite legend is definitely Slender Man. He rocks my world. I love the Marble Hornets videos and the fake blogs, so I decided to dedicate this blog in honor of all the guys and girls out there who made the fake blogs possible. To thee, I say bravo.


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