Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ok. Fuck logic. Fuck everything you think is right!

E. Was let out of the hospital earlier so my mom and I thought we should take her and her family out to dinner in a nice Italian restaurant down our road.
As I had literally nothing to wear to a fancy restaurant, I went shopping with C., who was dealing with the E. incident pretty badly. She's shaky and acts paranoid, looking over her shouldder every two minutes.
Against the wall of the shop we were going into, was a business man sitting down with his head in his arms. I thought his business maybe had gone bust in this economy. Walking out of the shop was a group of kids running around a tired looking woman who I guess is there mother. I turned around, thinking maybe I should give the sad business man a couple of buck but poof, he disappeared. Ignoring it, we went into the shop.
C. loosened up straight away and was more of her old self. She picked out a cute little blue dress for me and a beautiful pink one for her. We went into the separate stalls and got changed.
Changing was creepy. A giant shadow loomed over me for a bit, but I guessed it was just a Christmas decoration they were moving around. Sure enough, it was gone in a while.
I got dressed in the blue dress and got out of the dressing room, waiting for C.. She took ages until I got annoyed so I pulled back the curtain, not caring if she was butt naked.
No, it was much worse.
C. was in the pink dress, but it had a large rip through the fabric. Her intestines were pulled right out of her and tied around the bar that you put hangers on. The intestines were tied around her neck and she swung there. She had long, large cuts across her arms and legs and her tongue was cut off, eyes gouged out and placed in her mouth. Writing on the wall was 'should've gave him twenty dollars.'
I puked.

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